Printable Cd Labels
Printable Cd Labels
Printing Dvd Labels
Printing Dvd Labels focuses on offering you the best CD/DVD labelling solution.


CD/DVD Labels

Horbis® labels are made in Canada and designed to provide a
superior printing quality.

The accurate positioning of the label on the disk or CD/DVD is easily achieved
thanks to the Horbis® mounting tray (patent pending).

The mounting tray is included with each one of our products.

Horbis® CD/DVD labels are compatible with the Avery® 5931™ template.

  Printing Dvd Labels
Printer Cd Labels You can print the CD/DVD
Horbis® labels with
any software that offers
the Avery® 5931™ template.
 Microsoft® Word 97-2003
 Microsoft® Word 2007 3.1